The Cooperative of Limnos is also involved in providing other services and sells its products via two stores located in Myrina, Limnos. One of the stores sells local products from Limnos to the general public and the other sells agricultural products to all farmers within the Union’s territory irrespective of whether they are members of the cooperative or not.

Limnos Products Store

IMG_4544Discover a fine selection of local Limnos products at the Cooperative’s Limnos Products Store offers located in a corner of the small, picturesque Tourkikos Gialos port.

On the store’s shelves you’ll find all 12 bottled wines from Limnos Wines, as well as wines sold in bag in box of 5, 10 and 20 lt and 1.5 lt PET bottles.

In addition, supporting small local producers from the island, the store offers visitors and residents a wide range of traditional pasta shapes (known locally as flomaria), Limnos flour, frumenty, halva and traditional sweets, thyme honey, hand-made jams and spoon sweets, rusks and PDO cheeses (Kalathaki Limnos, melichloro and feta cheeses), local soft drinks, as well as tsipouro and ouzo.

Old Myrina Port, Tel. 22540 23410

Agricultural Supplies Store

Γεωργικά εφόδια

The agricultural supplies store operating in Myrina, Limnos, supplies the island’s farmers with everything they could need for their farms or livestock.

Staffed by a university-educated agronomist and experienced employees, local Limnos farmers can find solutions to their problems at the Agricultural Supplies Store and get useful tips about how to care for their crops, learn about modern farming methods, organic farming and viticulture as well as about how to protect the natural environment.

Dimokratias Ave., Tel. 22540 22211